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Survey & Data Acquisition

Survey & Data Acquisition

Project Outsourcing
When you are looking for technical and functional advantage without much investment of resources, it is best to outsource it to someone who can deliver it faster, better and at low cost. Exito offers a wide range of project outsourcing services including bulk hiring solutions, sales management, survey, Data Acquisition Or marketing project for retail or even administrative project management across various industry verticals. Our technical expertise and business experience enable us to understand the business goals and deploy processes and resources to deliver the project within set deadlines.

For us at Exito, it is not just about delivering a project. It also includes collaborating and partnering with the client and establishing a strong partnership to understand their ways of working towards strategic goals. For us, it just isn't enough to deliver projects. It is also about delivering projects the way you would want to. By collaborating with Exito, not only would clients can gain access to skilled professionals and our project management resources but they will also stay on top of how their project is shaping up through monitoring tools and techniques.

Data collection
With a dedicated team of web researchers, field data collector; along with different automated data collection tools, we gather qualitative and relevant information (offline or online) from diversified resources; within a stipulated time-frame; ensuring you "competitive" edge at affordable rates.

We extend a helping hand our clients by enabling them to filter and collect data easily and acquire accurate and reliable online/offline information.

Understanding the scope and deliverables > Chalk out the stages and assign timelines > Bringing on board the skill required for successful completion of the project > Delivering project > Feedback

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